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Dent Removal

At Perth Mobile Dent Repairs, we specialise in relatively small-scale dents and dings. As a mobile business, we come to you, so getting your vehicle repaired is easy and conveniently located.
We will generally complete jobs up to the size of a dinner plate per dent and provide a range of services to repair the damage done to your car.

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Hail Damage Repair Services

Hail Damage can strike at any time and can cause minor or major damage to your car. We can help with our low cost service that transforms dents to flat panels again. if your car has been extensively damaged, we will need an inspection of the car.

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Dings Repair Service

Dings can seem minor – except when smash repair companies give you an expensive quote. But fear not! Our low cost, quick repair alternative will have your car back in order in no time.

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Creases Repair Service

Creases can be a difficult repair, but we have the experience to get things smooth again. Shallow creases can be fixed within a couple of hours, which means that you can be driving your perfect car in no time.

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Bumper Repair Services

Full bumper replacement can be costly and take a considerable amount of time. Instead, we can repair your bumper damage and get your car looking smooth and brand new again.

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