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creases or creasesd dents
Creases or Creased Dents most commonly caused by shoping trolleys

There is nothing more annoying than coming back from a shopping trip to find that someone has carelessly let a shopping trolley crash into your car or opened a car door too wide and hit the side of your vehicle. Even a tree branch dragging across the door or the hood of your car can cause some damage, as well as some unappealing marks in your car.

These types of incidents will usually cause a creased dent, or a crease in the metal of your car. This unsightly dent can be quite frustrating to find, and with a line down the middle of your car, this type of dent can be very visible. These types of dents are commonly found on the side of your car, where an object such as another car door, has been dragged across.

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Crease dents have a tendency to be longer in length, and due to the size and depth of these dents, they can cause sustained damage in the metal of your car. If creased dents are left unfixed for too long, they can cause the metal of your car to stretch, which in turn can alter the metal memory of your car, making dents harder to fix. Creases are also damaging to your car due to the fact that they can cause other dents in the metal around the original crease, so it is important not only for the cosmetic value of your car, but also for the structural integrity that when a crease is found, it is fixed right away.

Fortunately, if you have got a crease smaller than the size of a dinner plate, the repair will only take a couple of hours. Small and shallow creases are easy to fix, and your car will be back to normal in no time. Our team have years of experience in fixing and removing creases, and using our specialised paintless dent removal techniques and tools removes the hassle of replacing panels and matching paint colours – and saves you money in the process. As a mobile company, we travel to a location that is convenient for you, so repairing your car is even easier from the comfort of your own home or office.

If you have a crease in your vehicle you want to get fixed, upload a photo using our contact form and a member of our team will be in touch shortly.

Creased dents are generally identified by a fold line or crease at the base of the dent. The sharper the fold, the more difficult the repair can be.

Common Causes of Creased Dents

  • Car Door Damage
  • Shopping Cart
  • Minor Vehicle Collisions
  • General Car Wear and Tear
  • Deliberate Vandalism
  • Tree Branches or other Debris

Creases can be a difficult repair but we have the experience to get things smooth again with paintless dent removal. These dents with lines across them can generally be fixed within a couple of hours as long as they aren’t too deep.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Answer: They can be caused in many ways, however shopping trolleys and car doors hitting your door in car parks are the most common cause.