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What's the difference between ding and a dent?
Do you need a ding repair ?

A ding is considered a small area of damage on a vehicle, and is usually less than the size of a 50 cent coin.

Dings are also often sharp and pointy, coming from the corners of other car doors, shopping cart handles, or even everyday items that happen to collide with your car. Sporting accidents such as a golf ball gone awry, or a basketball bouncing into the side of your car can also cause minor damage. It can be frustrating to find a tiny imperfection in your car after parking in a crowded parking lot, or accidentally bumping it with a heavy object, but getting rid of a ding is simple and easy.

At Perth Mobile Dent Repairs, we have years of experience fixing even the smallest of dings using paintless dent removal, so your almost perfect car can finally get that ding repaired and go back to being shiny and smooth. We use paintless dent removal techniques and specialised tools to gently manipulate the metal back into its original place, smoothing out the dent and maintaining your car’s perfect appearance.

While dings may seem small and annoying in the moment, these little dents can impact the value of your car, especially if you are thinking about selling. In order to increase your car’s resale value, and get rid of that annoying ding, contact our team at Perth Mobile Dent Repair to repair your car.

We can of course repair bigger areas, such as dents, creases, bumpers, and hail damage, but we take pride and care in fixing and repairing the little things as well. No ding is too small for us to fix!






“Dings” – General Reasons For Dings

  • Car Wear and Tear
  • Falling Nuts and Branches
  • Stones and Road Debris
  • Shopping Trolley Accidents
  • Vandalism and Deliberate Damage
  • Accidental Damage
  • Sporting Accidents

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Ding repairs, by their nature, are of a minor kind of repair and are quick and easy to remove. It will generally take our technicians one or two hours to complete a small job. As a mobile business, we come to a location and time that suits you, and so we can fit around your schedule and remove the ding in your car at your home or workplace.

Talk to one of our staff and organise a time by calling 0427 386 337, or send us a photo of your car by visiting our Get A Quote page, so we can assess it and give you a quote.

Dings can seem minor except when you get the quote to have them fixed conventionally with a smash repair company. But fear not! Our low cost, quick repair alternative will have your car back in order in no time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Answer: A ding is a small dent on a car panel. They are normally less than a 50 cent piece in size.