Can We Fix It With Paintless Dent Repair

A Guide to Understanding paintless dent repair

No dent is going to be the same, and the severity of each dent varies from car to car. Sharper and deeper dents will take more time to fix, while shallow creases will have you back on the road within a couple of hours.
In order to ensure that our customers get personalised service based their car needs, we ask that you upload a photo of the dent or ding in your car to our contact form. We will get back to you as soon as possible to organise a convenient time for our paintless dent repair service.

Severe fender dent

Every dent is different, so we’ll need to see your car before we can confirm whether or not repair is possible with paintless dent removal. If you’re not sure whether we can fix your car’s dent, it’s best to give us a call. To help you understand more, here are a few guidelines:

Dent Location.

We need to be able to gain access to the affected area in order to make repairs. Generally we are able to resolve the problem and fix the issues. Dents that are at the edge of the doors or body section may be unable to be repaired because we can’t get access to the areas with the tools we use.

Do You Have Paint Damage?

If you have had damage to the paint and not just the panel, you will need to use a paint matching and application company. We do not fix any paint damage as we specialise in paintless dent repair. We can sometimes brush touch or polish small scuffs or chips.

How Shallow or Deep are the Vehicle Dents?

In general terms the shallower the dent, the better the chance of a perfect finish, even if the dent is rather large. A larger sized dent that is round and shallow is typically very easy to repair. A much deeper, pointed dent may be un-repairable , even if they are not very big. We generally get a great result but please understand that dents that are very deep, or dents with quite deep creases may not result in a a perfect repair.

Big Or Small Dents ?

We will repair the majority of dents up to the size of a dinner plate. Dents that are too large are not possible with the equipment. Generally as a guide, a small dent would be the size of a button.

Improvements or Repairs

In a minority of cases , we will advise that our repairs will significantly “improve” the affected dent, but it won’t be able to fully repair the dent.

Can We Fix Your Car?Most clients find this quite acceptable as the much improved dent results in a result undetectable to most people and the improvement is much cheaper than going to a panel beater that may charge in the thousands.

An Alternative To Panel Beating?

Our service meets the needs of customers who have relatively small dents and repairs than say a full collision, which requires replacement or panel beating of the panel.Our service generally is less than the excess of most insurance claims.