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What isPaintless Dent Removal

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No Need For Expensive Panel Repair!

Paintless Dent Removal (PDR) is exactly as the name implies. This is a special automotive body repair technique for removing and repairing dents from cars. Not only will your car be back in shape, but there is no need to paint your car, resulting in an unsightly patch or an expensive paint job.

Our team uses special tools and techniques that carefully manipulate the panel back into its original position, without cracking the paintwork.

PDR is an inexpensive alternative to panel beating and does not use bog or filler to cover up the damage – we correct it at the source and maintain the value of your car. There is no need for replacement parts, so paintless dent removal is affordable, efficient, and leaves your car looking brand new again.

There is no sanding, no paint, and no mess, so our clients can rest knowing that their cars are in the best of hands, and the integrity of their car stays intact.

Want to know more about Paintless Dent Removal and our process? Visit our Paintless Dent Repair page for more information.

Can We Fix It

We understand that each dent is different, and that each customer requires individual attention and care to repair their vehicle. The size, shape, and depth of the damage done impacts the time and care put into repairing the car. A rounded dent will be easier to fix then a pointed or heavily creased dent.

In order to give our customers the best quality service specifically designed for their needs, we ask that you upload of photo of the ding or dent in your car in our contact form. We will get back to you as soon as we can and arrange a time that is convenient to repair your car.

For more information and guidelines on types of dents we can repair, visit our Can We Fix It page.


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Dent Removal

At Perth Mobile Dent Repairs, we specialise in relatively small-scale dents and dings. As a mobile business, we come to you, so getting your vehicle repaired is easy and conveniently located.
We will generally complete jobs up to the size of a dinner plate per dent and provide a range of services to repair the damage done to your car.

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Hail Damage Repair Services

Hail Damage can strike at any time and can cause minor or major damage to your car. We can help with our low cost service that transforms dents to flat panels again. if your car has been extensively damaged, we will need an inspection of the car.

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Dings Repair Service

Dings can seem minor – except when smash repair companies give you an expensive quote. But fear not! Our low cost, quick repair alternative will have your car back in order in no time.

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Creases Repair Service

Creases can be a difficult repair, but we have the experience to get things smooth again. Shallow creases can be fixed within a couple of hours, which means that you can be driving your perfect car in no time.

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Bumper Repair Services

Full bumper replacement can be costly and take a considerable amount of time. Instead, we can repair your bumper damage and get your car looking smooth and brand new again.

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