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Has your car can been pummeled with unsightly dents due to hail?

It has a wide variety of weather conditions that range from scorching heat to torrential rain, and unfortunately for car owners, no weather can damage your car like hail. If you are unfortunate enough to be caught in a thunderstorm with your car exposed to the elements, it can cause substantial damage.

Hail damage can be all too familiar in Perth, particularly during the winter months, and depending on how lucky you are, your car can suffer a few dings – or be completely covered in dents. Hail can strike any surface that is left exposed, so you may get dents and dings on your hood, roof, or bumper. Even hard to reach places such as cant rails and hatch doors may be damaged.

Such damage can not only cause the quality and value of your car go down but could also impact the structural integrity. Plus, a car with hail damage can be unsightly to look at!

Insurance companies may give you a variety of options, including keeping the car and being given a considerable cheque to repair it, or giving you a replacement car. Smash repair companies will normally replace the panels, but the quote can be quite expensive, and if you have third party insurance it is possible that you will not be covered.

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If you decide to keep your car and repair it, Perth Mobile Dent Repairs can assess your car and bring it back to normal with paintless dent removal for a reasonable fee. As most hail dents are reasonably shallow, individual dents are easy to fix, although if a particularly large hailstone has hit your car and cause a sharp and deep dent, it may take some time to fix.

Hail damage can prove difficult to fix using traditional panel beating, but the paintless dent repair techniques that our technicians use can easily reach and fix shallow hail damage dents in your car’s surface. Paintless dent removal is the most economic, environmentally friendly, and non-intrusive way to remove dents left by hailstones. There is no need to match paint or use any filler, so our team can get your car back faster than traditional panel beaters. Using paintless dent removal will repair your vehicle and increase its value, so if you’re looking to sell your car and get the best value possible, give us a call to get car repaired.

We specialise in dent removal and repair, and with our low rates and high-quality service, we can help to get your car back in order and back to normal. As a mobile business, we can come to you and repair your hail damaged car at your home or workplace.

Visit our Get a Quote page to upload a photo of your car, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Hail damage can affect the value of your car substantially, as well as make it look rather unattractive. Don’t suffer any longer. Call us and get your car back in order.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Answer: Repairing your car in the traditional way (smash repair company) would mean the replacement of all affected panels, which is quite expensive but our methods allow you to keep your panels for a lesser amount in nearly all cases.